The CEC offers a wide range of professional development workshops in communications, marketing, media relations web/social media and writing that respond to individual and organizational training needs. The majority of our workshops are offered on an open-registration basis up to three times per year. Further, all CEC workshops are available for in-house delivery. This means you can secure a time and location convenient for your group and we'll bring the workshop to you. In-house workshops allow for content to be customized to meet your specific needs and provide added value when learning as a team to achieve pre-determined goals. Additionally, most workshops can be translated and delivered in French on an in-house basis. If you are interested in a workshop that has not been scheduled or would like more information on booking an in-house workshop, please contact us.

Strategic Communications

Advising Tough Clients through Influence, Persuasion and Diplomacy (1 Day)
Best Practices for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement (1 Day)
Best Practices in Internal Communications (1 Day)
Communicating Change and Transformation (1 Day)
Communicating Contentious Information in Controversial Situations (1 Day)
Communications for Risk, Issues and Crisis Management (1 Day)
Developing and Implementing Plans for Internal Communications(1 Day)
Developing and Implementing Plans for Internal Communications(2 Days)
Effective Workplace Communications (1 Day)
Effective Messaging (1 Day)
Effective Stakeholder Communications (1 Day)
Employee Engagement: Strategies and Techniques(1 Day)
Essential Communications Skills for Team Leaders (1 day)
Federal Government IS 2-3 Communications Competencies (1 Day)
Federal Government IS 2-3 Communications Competencies (2 Days)
Federal Government IS 4-5 Communications Competencies (2 Days)
Federal Government IS-6 Communications Competencies and Coaching (2 Days)
Fundamental Communications Competencies: Active Listening, Assertiveness, Problem Solving and Decision Making (1 day)
Internal Consulting and Advisory Skills (1 Day)
Measuring Communications Performance and Success (1 Day)
Meeting Management and Facilitation (1 Day)
Portfolio and Horizontal Communications (1 Day)
Practical Facilitation Skills (1 Day)
Project Management and Communications (1 Day)
Public Consultations and Citizen Engagement (1 Day)
Storytelling: Creating and Communicating Compelling Narratives (1 Day)
Strategic Communications Planning: Critical Steps and Techniques (1 Day)
Strategic Communications Planning: Critical Steps and Techniques (2 Days)

Personal Communications Skills

Communicating and Succeeding With Difficult People (1 Day)
Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving (2 Days)
Effective Oral Briefings and Presentations to Senior Officials (1 day)
Managing and Communicating Under Stress (1 Day)
Practical Tools for Developing Effective PPT Presentations, Decks and Placemats (1 day)
Public Speaking: Making and Maintaining an Impact (1 Day)
Strategic Thinking (1 Day)

Media Relations

Face aux médias: l'essentiel (1 jour)
How to Become a Successful Media Relations Officer (2 Days)
Meeting the Media: The Essentials (1 Day)
Successful Media Relations (1 Day)
Writing Effective Media Lines, News Releases and Media Pitches (1 Day)

Web & Social Media

Creating Video Stories (1 Day)
Designing and Creating Infographics (2 Day)
Effective Web Writing (1 Day)
Effective Writing for Social Media (1 Day)
Digital Content: From Script to Screen (a script writing workshop) (1 Day)
Strategic Social Media Engagement: How to get the most out of your Social Media Campaign (1 Day)
The Case for Mobile Strategy (1 Day)
Understanding Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting (1 Day)
Using Social Media to Enhance Internal Communications (1 Day)


Écrire pour être bien compris: un atelier sur la rédaction dans une langue claire et simple (1 jour)
Effective Minute and Note-Taking (1 Day)
Effective Written and Oral Briefings (1 Day)
Feature Article Writing (1 Day)
La rédaction des notes d'information (1 jour)
Plain Writing for the Public Sector (1 Day)
Science Writing: Writing Effectively about Science and Social Science (1 Day)
Speechwriting Simplified (1 Day)
The Art of Writing Well (1 Day)
Writing Effective Briefing Notes (1 Day)
Writing Effectively for your Senior Management (1 Day)
Writing Reports That Work (1 Day)


The Challenges of Public Sector Branding and Positioning (1 Day)
The Challenges of Public Sector Branding and Positioning (2 Days)
The Essentials of Marketing in the Public Service Environment (1 Day)
The Essentials of Social Marketing (1 Day)

Programs and Packages

Leadership Communications Development Program
Media Relations Training Package
Social Media Package