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Email us for pricing and to arrange for delivery of the LCDP program to your group of 6-8 department/team members.

Instructional Team

Francine Girard-Griffith

Francine Girard-Griffith, former Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Affairs

Gerry Maffre

Gerry Maffre, former Director General, Communications

JoAnn Myer

JoAnn Myer, former Director General, Communications & former Head, PSC Personnel Psychology Centre

Josef Jurkovic

Josef Jurkovic, founding partner and Director, The Centre for Excellence in Communications

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Leadership Communications
Development Program

The Context

Change and transformation in the public service makes demands and offers opportunities. Staff reductions and reassignments make it all the more necessary to ensure a motivated, trained and performing management cadre can successfully operate in the current environment and be ready to meet a future of continuing transition and uncertainty. This program responds to the need to:

The Opportunity

Take advantage of the CEC’s new Leadership Communications Development Program (LCDP) for EX-1 and EX-Minus 1 (and, exceptionally) EX-Minus 2 leaders and strong candidates for leadership roles.

The Program

Developed at the CEC by the team that’s delivering it, the LCDP consists of:

The Workshops

Leadership and Influence: Charting the Course Ahead
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Management and Leadership Communications
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Leading People: Getting the Most out of a Performance Discussion
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Being Heard: Speaking with Authority and Conviction
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The Coaching Component

An integral component of the overall program, four one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions, will be one and a half hours depending on individual needs and preferences. Coaching/mentoring will normally be delivered by the instructional team members. Additional coaching/mentoring at an hourly rate is available.

The Assessment

The program is designed to be flexible; it takes into account that there may be a range of development needs with different emphases for different participants. As a starting point, each participant completes a self-assessment focussed on their perceived needs which will be combined with the manager(s)’ assessment, in discussion with a CEC team member. A similar process will be undertaken after the program between the manager(s) and the participating employee as a prelude to the coaching sessions.