The 411

October 2-3, 2023
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


$750 (+hst)
Discounts available.


The 411

February 19-20, 2024
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


$750 (+hst)
Discounts available.


Meet the Instructor

Josef Jurkovic

Josef Jurkovic

Josef Jurkovic is a CEC director and founding partner. He has over 35 years of public and private sector experience across diverse areas of internal and external communications, public consultations, branding and marketing.

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"Knowledgeable presenter. Plenty of opportunity for discussion and to share hands-on experience."

"Provided us with tools and resources to use in our work."

"I really appreciated the level of expertise demonstrated by the instructor and the examples he could provide based on his experience."

"The framework concepts are big picture/simple ideas to understand."

"I appreciated the opportunities to network and to hear about expereiences from participants in other organizations."

"Josef is an inspirational instructor. I really enjoyed his personality and expertise."

"The exercises were well thought out and applicable to the material."

"Well organized case studies were relevant, material and resources well prepared and useful."

"Course materials can be used when I get back to work."

"Josef has a strong background in the material."


NOTE: The workshop content described below will be delivered through ZOOM ONLINE on two consecutive half-day sessions. Agendas and other relevant workshop documentation will be sent to you by the workshop instructor at least three days prior to the date of the first session.


Imagine you're about to launch a new policy, regulations, program or a project that can have a wide-ranging impact on your work and on your internal and external stakeholders. You need the collaboration and support of a variety of people. To get things done at work and to sustain continued successes, one must rely on the goodwill and support of others. Securing support from well-informed, influential, and powerful stakeholders can help win the much needed resources (human, financial, physical and other) for the successful completion of a program or a project. In order to gain stakeholders' active and sustained support, it is essential to communicate with them early, frequently, regularly about what you are doing and the benefits of your project for them.

The ability to build effective rapport and relationship with stakeholders provides managers with a distinct advantage in managing expectations, dealing with difficult situations and negotiating their way to a positive end result. Understanding the stakeholders' communication and decision-making styles and personal preferences as well as what motivates them, creates an effective pathway for a committed and results-driven business relationship. Stakeholder communication and engagement is a valuable strategy that successful people use to win others' support. The workshop outlined below will help you learn how to identify the key stakeholders who have to be won over and kept informed and involved in a way they like, prefer and appreciate so that your efforts lead to success.


Successful completion of this workshop will enable participants to:



8:45 - 9:00 Introductions and Workshop Overview
9:00 - 9:45 Stakeholders: Definitions and Roles

This segment includes discussion of:
  • Stakeholders defined - who they are
  • Internal vs. external stakeholders
  • Vertical, horizontal and other stakeholders and implications
  • Distinguishing stakeholders as "political", non-political, others
  • Factors influencing stakeholder relations
  • Stakeholder roles and influences
  • Differences between communications, engagement and relationships
9:45 - 10:00 BREAK
10:00 - 11:15 Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  • Profiling stakeholders characteristics, power, interests, postures
  • Groups as stakeholders opportunities and challenges
  • Prioritizing stakeholders
  • Approaches to stakeholder analysis
Case Study Exercise:
Prioritizing stakeholders based on established criteria.
11:15 - 12:30 Communicating with Stakeholders: Value in building a Relationship
  • Engaging the stakeholders
  • Determining their communications and decision-making style
  • Using appropriate communications protocol
  • Building interest (stakeholders' interest in the program project)
  • Asking the right questions and active listening
  • Determining stakeholders interests
Case Study Exercise:
Assessing Risks and Impacts
12:30 - 1:30 LUNCH
1:30 - 2:45 Stakeholder Communications: One Strategy or Many?
  • Understanding and planning stakeholder communications
  • Communications tools and methods
  • Ascertaining the appropriateness of different communications and stakeholder engagement models, tools and techniques
Case Study Exercise:
Responding to Senior Management Needs
2:45 - 3:00 BREAK
3:00 - 4:00 Moving Stakeholders from Supporters to Advocates
  • Guiding principles
  • Moving stakeholders along the change continuum
  • Approaches to managing stakeholder expectations
  • Influencing skills and styles
  • Tips for effective stakeholder communications
Case Study Exercise:
Stakeholder Communications Strategy
4:00 - 4:15 Wrap-up and Evaluation