Well suited for organizations with groups of up to 20* participants. Available via live, instructor-lead, online delivery.

Customized Training Benefits

*Due to the nature of some workshops, specifically media training, public speaking, storytelling and oral briefings workshops, only specified maximums can be accommodated. Accepting more than our suggested maximum into these types of workshops will jeopardize the quality and nature of training or require customization in order to adjust the course to allow for a larger group.

Most CEC workshops can be delivered in both official languages; however, extra fees apply for translation of the materials. Contact us for availability.

Workshop duration: 1/2-day 1-day 2-day
"Off-the-Shelf" price: $3,250.00 $6,500.00 $9,950.00
Customization fee (if applicable): $1,650.00/day of effort required
Translation fee (if applicable): TBD based on agreed upon finalized English materials
Travel fees (for workshops outside the NCR): TBD based on location and in accordance with Treasury Board Travel Directives
Taxes Applicable taxes are extra


Research shows that by working with a coach, people identify and reach their goals faster and with a greater success rate. For organizations and individuals this translates into a marked and measurable return on investment.

The CEC provides individual coaching in all the skill areas in which the Centre works tailored to meet specific needs and specialized coaching support in leadership development and in interpersonal communications.

Our coaches have a proven track record in professional and executive roles and in coaching for performance enhancement.

CEC coaches will:

Pricing: $350 per contract-hour plus applicable tax


The Centre's team of experienced professionals provides consulting services in both official languages as required by clients in all the areas in which the CEC offers professional development and training.

Consulting projects undertaken by the Centre team include:

The CEC also offers its Output Learning service which combines traditional consulting for a client around a particular need with structured development of staff knowledge and skills through actually meeting the need.

Output Learning ™

The aim of Output Learning is to obtain a specific, agreed-upon result and provide sufficient "learning by doing" so that participants can apply techniques, skills and knowledge themselves in the future. It can also contribute to facilitating internal communications, team building and organizational "buy-in."

Learning by Doing

Essentially, a project or task is identified which will bring a specific result or output in response to a defined need, for example, a corporate communications strategy, and offers an opportunity for people to learn new techniques or develop or practice their existing skills and knowledge as they carry out the project.

The Centre works with the responsible managers to:

The number and level of staff involved may vary. In some cases, headquarters and regional staff are brought together - face-to-face preferably or a combination of face-to-face sessions and teleconferencing if necessary – in others, a small group from one unit.


The process consists of a two to three-day session that moves the project forward stage by stage. Participants are given “homework” prior to a session to enable informed, productive and efficient discussion. CEC facilitators/instructors then work with the group to clarify issues, arrive at results and ensure that outcomes are recorded.


At the end of a session, the CEC produces an agreed-upon written version of what has been decided.

Consulting: $1,600 per day plus applicable tax
Output Learning: $1,850 per day plus applicalbe tax


The Centre provides training in facilitation and direct facilitation services for strategic planning, participatory planning, group problem solving and decision-making, group process consultation and team building.

The CEC has developed a specific process, Output Learning, whereby an organization's staff directly participates via structured facilitated sessions in developing strategies and plans while expanding their own skill sets.

Pricing: $1850 per day plus applicable tax


The CEC has highly experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic speakers ideal for your next learning event. CEC speakers can help you and your colleagues become more knowledgeable about and gain greater insight into the latest trends affecting today's communications, marketing, branding and media relations practitioners. And, our speakers can deliver practical, content-driven presentations on a wide range of internal and external communications, marketing, branding and media topics for your organization.

For more information and to secure a CEC speaker at your next learning event, please contact us.